Rev. David Benedict : "History of the Donatists"

O15968 Rev. David Benedict : "History of the Donatists"

"History of the Donatists"

Rev. David Benedict

Nickerson, Sibley & Co


North Africa

Called Barbary States.

Three punic wars.

Numidian bishops.


The rise od the Donatists was productive of a memorable schism.

Inflexible zeal and fanaticism.

Refuse obedience to the usurpers, whose election was disputed, and whose spiritual powers were denied.

Donatist at Rome.

Optatus against the Donatists.

Against the Rabaptizing of the Donatists.

The Censures of Optatus of the Donatists.

Optatus complains of the Donatists for the divisions they caused among the Catholics.

The Donatists settled in Rome.

Persecutions of the Donatists.

The Macarian war against the Donatists, in 347.

Persecuting measures of Augustine.

Petition to the Emperor.

The Donatists favored by Julian.

Religious freedom.

Conference of Carthage, between Catholics and Donatists.

The doctrine of Church purity.

Donatists martyrs in Africa



Felix Amplius

Pope Gregory against the Donatists.

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